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We remove "UNWANTEDS" from your skin &

help you feel more BEAUTIFUL & CONFIDENT!

Photo courtesy of Photographer: Ferdinand Studio

Laser Hair

Efficient, Safe, & Effective Hair Removal.



Time To Do Things - You'll have more time to do the things you love, like self-care, rest, time with family, going out with friends, doing one of your hobbies and more... instead of spending time in the shower shaving all the areas on your body that have unwanted hair.  Those daily sessions add up over time of time used that you cannot get back.


No More Embarrassment Having touchable skin that is soft and silky, giving you the confidence to be touched without embarrassment at a moment's notice (with your consent of course!).  


No More Digging For Hairs - Not seeing the bumps scars and pimples ingrown hairs cause, will give you the blemish-free, no digging for hairs, & no hassle skin, boosting your confidence and reducing the scaring affects of ingrown hairs.

Not Painful, No Downtime - No suffering as sessions are conducted with your comfort in mind, which should put your mind and body at ease.  You also get the bonus of being able to go about your day right after a session.  No downtime.


Being Hair Free for WEEKS! - You will receive the benefit of 2 - 6 weeks, in between treatments, of no hair growth. This is 2 - 6 weeks you do not have to shave your unwanted body hair and 2 - 6 weeks of no hair removal maintenance!


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Photo courtesy of Photographer: Inna Mykytas

Bringing Back Beauty and Shine To Your Skin




Improved Confidence! - Gives you back the appearance of when you were younger.  Improved confidence is a gift with this treatment.

No Make Up Needed - No more having to cover up those pesky veins that crop up on your nose, chin or cheeks. Smile with confidence that people are looking at your beauty and nothing else.

Remove Reminders of Bad Memories - Remove the history of times of embarrassment, harassment or just low self-esteem by fading the scarring of acne for good.  Give your face a new clean history to look forward to.

Erase Unwanted Spots - Undue the damage you have done having fun in the sun or with the privilege of growing older.  Have fun without worry, feel younger and look younger; it will put an extra skip in your step!

Freedom of Choice - Not everyone wants the look of rosy cheeks like Santa Claus. Removing pink discolouration caused by Rosacea from your skin, will give you a wonderful even-toned skin base to chose when you want to add blush or not.  This will give you the freedom to choose.

all-inclusive & Judgement free

At Lisse, we serve humans, period!   No matter your age, size, race, skin colour, religious belief, gender you identify as, sexual orientation, relationship type, lifestyle or physical ability we will serve you.  LGBTQ2+ & Transgender Friendly.


A safe space has been created for you!


Please let us know if you need special arrangements & we will do our best to accommodate you.


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Monday to Friday

10am - 7pm

Saturday & Sunday



Celeste does a wonderful job and is professional and courteous in all aspects. She has a kind and humorous demeanor which greatly aids in making one comfortable when in a vulnerable position.  Highly recommend."



Photo courtesy of Photographer: Letícia Rodrigues

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