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IPL is a broad range of visible, incoherent, non-laser, filtered light of 560-1200nm wavelength selection.  In this range, the different wavelength light can select different targets to transform photo energy into heat energy burning abnormal pigment cells until they expand and burst.  The remaining parts are then absorbed locally and swallowed by phagocytes to excrete.

The principle  of treating vascular lesions with Skin Rejuvenation is to heat and coagulate the hemoglobin making its endothelial cells swollen, in spasm with lack of nourishment supply to then die off.  Gradually the vessel shrinks and closes.

Also, through the photochemical role to activate fibroblasts and stimulate type 1 & 3 collegians, the collegan layer is grown to achieve the purpose of skin rejuvenation.


Lisse Laser Hair Removal treatments combine cutting-edge medical laser technology with the comfort and convenience of a trip to the spa. Remove unwanted body and facial hair and wake up to silky, smooth skin every day.

This hair removal laser is beneficial to all areas of the body.


The IPL Skin Rejuvenation Laser is a non-invasive revitalizing treatment.  IPL (intense pulsed light) is a powerful system that treats superficial hyperpigmentation, discolouration, ‘broken’ or damaged capillaries which are highly visible, and skin redness. IPL is characterized as a beam of light that targets skin imperfections and markings associated with ageing and sun damage, improving skin tone and texture.

This skin rejuvenation laser treatment is beneficial to treat the full face, neck and décolleté.

Health Canada & CSA Approved

Owner & technician


Celeste, Owner & Technician

Celeste was a highly successful, self-employed entrepreneur in marketing.  She loved serving clients and building relationships with them, and found that being her own boss gave her the freedom to offer personalized services and provide a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere but she eventually decided to pursue a new career path.  


She has been involved with the Laser Hair Removal industry for over 20 years as a consumer and is a Certified Laser Technician.  She has a passion for helping others with skin issues that impact their lives negatively and wants to help them feel more beautiful and confident by removing 'unwanteds' from their skin.

With her extensive business skills, Celeste decided to start Lisse Laser & Skin Studio; her own Laser Hair Removal & Laser Skin Rejuvenation company. She used her knowledge and expertise to build a thriving business that offers a wide range of laser treatments, including hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and scar, spot, fine line, wrinkle, pigmentation, Rosacea & vein reduction.

Lisse Laser & Skin Studio has become a favourite among clients in the community, and Celeste is proud of the relationships she has built with her clients. She believes in providing exceptional customer service and offering customized treatment plans to help each client achieve their desired results.

In addition to running her successful business, Celeste is also an active member of her community. She volunteers her time and resources to various charitable organizations, including those that focus on empowering women and supporting small businesses.


Overall, Celeste is a successful and inspiring entrepreneur who has used her skills and passion to build a business that makes a difference in people's lives.



I grew up with CAH (Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia) & PCOS (Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome) and have felt the challenges & embarrassment with Hirsutism, "five o'clock shadow & pigmentation.  I tried to hide it with tweezing, using Neat, waxing, but laser hair removal was the best solution with amazing results.  I gained my confidence back & felt beautiful & feminine again.  My pigmentation from tweezing went away & my skin was clear, blemish-free, soft & hair-free.

I want to help others who have had these same issues and have been negatively impacted by them.  For this reason, you will find my approach to providing these services to be empathetic, kind, accepting & encouraging so you leave feeling cared for, understood, not judge & ready to show the world the beauty you possess.


Celeste does a wonderful job and is professional and courteous in all aspects. She has a kind and humorous demeanor which greatly aids in making one comfortable when in a vulnerable position.  Highly recommend."



Photo courtesy of Photographer: Letícia Rodrigues

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